Is privacy on the web important ?

Many people don’t realize how public certain information that they post on the Internet is, or how it can be (and is) tracked, collected, and used for various purposes.  Usually, this doesn’t include sensitive identification or financial information, but it can include various other so-called “digital footprints”.  These include posts that you make or actions that you take on social networks, your Internet search or browsing histories, or even where in the world you are yes, someone can figure this out by looking at your computer’s Internet address.

28th January is celebrated as the International Data Privacy Day, so we had the month of January celebrated as PRIVACY MONTH.

The campaign had two parts:

  • ONLINE : The goal of the online campaign is to provide a privacy tip a day that an average user could complete in 10 minutes or less. Tips will be shared through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • OFFLINE : Host a Popup or community event/session/workshop to teach about privacy. The community will be hosting in-person privacy events throughout the month of January.

We hosted SIX OFFLINE events in different institutions and colleges :

1. Sumit typing institution

2. Government Polytechnic college

3. Om Computer

4. Sandip Foundation college

5. K.K.Wagh college

6. Gokhale college


Each event began with the introduction of Open Source and Mozilla, Then we had the PRIVACY AND SECURITY session, where people were made aware about the privacy and security issues on the web, and how can you protect yourself by sharing some of the tips.

You can find the power point presentation here :



The event concluded with a small introduction of  Rust language and Mozvr.


Now comes the ONLINE part!! we posted tweets, posts on Twitter Facebook by using #PrivacyMonth and #Advocate4Privacy and also retweeted the security tips, people showed there support to the privacy month campaign by changing there profile and cover pictures.



Thanks to all volunteers who became part of this campaign 🙂

Cheers, for a better web!!


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