Teaching The Orphanage Kids !!

Sunday is meant to be a day of rest and leisure.
But it was this Sunday when the Mozilla Nashik team went to an Orphanage in Trimbakeshwar to do some thing good!!

Who were this kids :

This kids belonged to an orphanage, which was located in Trimbakeshwar around 30km from Nashik city, this kids had never used a computer before.

We taught the kids about :

  1. How to introduce themselves in English
  2. Why studies are important
  3. What are computers
    • Difference between a desktop and Laptop
  4. Hardware- software
  5. What is the web
  6. How they can connect with others in the world using the web
  7. How they can find study materials from the internet
  8. How can they get factual information & all

So we started by telling the kids to introduce themselves in English, so to help them we used a chart paper and wrote “MY NAME IS _____ AND I AM IN STANDARD _____” and told the kids to read it.


“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.”

Hence, we asked the kids what they aspire to become in the future and got interesting answers from them!! some of them wanted to become police man, engineers, doctor, teacher and some of them also wanted to join the military!!

Now it was time to show them a small SAND ART MOVIE ON APJ ABDUL KALAM 🙂 our former president, this video motivated the kids to study hard and how we can achieve our goals!!


Now it was time to have some fun and entertaining activities like dancing and singing!! so we taught the kids some dance moves and the kids also taught us some of there moves 😛 (Videos coming soon)

What is next :

In future we are planing to have a full day computer session for this kids were they will learn to operate the computer and also teach them how to access the internet, Lo-Fi activities, and also webmaker tools (Hands on).


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