Scorecard is out: Let’s Stumble Nashik!!

So, Let’s Stumble Nashik!! comes to an end.

Let’s Stumble Nashik!! was a half day introduction to «Stumbling tools» that bring knowledge to participants on how to gather  «Geolocation information» in their cities and add it to our repository. After this event, during a certain period of time, participants will gather information and upload it to servers!!


we’re counting the points scored by the scouts over the course of the week of event. So, the points were calculated from 21st June to 28th June, both days included.

Between those eight day, Total points was 145515 + . That was huge!!!

Winners :

So, without further ado, here are the top three, who will get the gift of appreciation (will be communicated with, shortly):

Rank  Name                ID                  Points
----  ----                --                  ------
1     Faheem K            fhm                 22157
2     Bala Subramaniyan   Bala Subramaniyan   19923
3     Mitesh Pokar        Mitesh.Pokar        15175

Apart from them, we are delighted to recognize all the scouts’ contributions. Here are the names of the top 10 scouts!!

Rank  Name                ID                  Points
----  ----                --                  ------
1     Kumaresan C.S       Kumaresan.c.s       14731
2     Mehul Patel         Mehul Patel         11145
3     Pooja Kanawade      Pooja_K08           10519
4     Ronit Jadhav        ronit_jadhav        9496
5     Aman Sehgal         amaneight           7028
6     Pragna Vedanthi     prags95             6428
7     Navin Waghwani      Navin_w             5766
8     Mayur Patil         yomanpatil          4134
9     Siddhartha Rao      siddhartharao17     4097
10    Vaibhav Bajaj       Vaibhav Bajaj       3692

Agenda :

As a part of Let’s Stumble Nashik!! on the first day we had a Brief introduction about Mozilla Location Service (MLS) we showed the tools available for different platforms to gather location information.



Now it was time for the people to install and test the app and ask queries about the working of the app, we also made planning for the stumbling trips!!



On Day 3 we had a stumbling tour to a historical place outside Nashik city!!!



also watch this video : Let’s Stumble Nashik (Day-3)

The participants also stumble from nashik to financial capital of India that is Mumbai.


Participants, were also included in the Weekly Leaderboard. That was truly great!!

Screenshot (73)11406560_895700213830718_8499542842238002125_o

The event was really really great and got huge success. Congrats all the winners it was great fun & we look forward to conduct more such programs in near future. Last but definitely not the least. Thanks to all of you scouts who worked hard to make the MLS maps brighter for India.

Screenshot (74)


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