1 Feb 2014


Time:5:00pm to 9:00pm

This was my first Pop-Up meet with the Mozillians.The main aim of this event was to plan future events and teach the new FSA volunteers some teaching techniques.As i was one of the new FSA member i was been introduced to all the mozillians.

We the new volunteers were made aware about Mozilla project, FOSS, Open-Web and Firefox browser.

The event started by the introduction of FOSS ie Free And Open Source Software. We were made aware of different FOSS products that are available.

We were explained different features of Firefox Browser then the development  tools were explained and demonstrated.

We were made aware of different add-on used in the browser and especially the Lightbeam Add-on was explained, the light beam add-on helped us to understand more about privacy violation caused due to different web-sites.

we all were given a brief idea of localisation project. We hope to start working on localisation project soon.

Had an awesome POP-UP Meet!!


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