MakerParty @ PVG College of Engineering

Date: 12th July, 2014

Happiness is..organizing and being a party of first every Maker Party of 2014 in the whole of India. Yes it happened in Nashik, Maharashtra.

So all the Mozillians were pumped up to put their best in the inaugural event. We had a small MozCoffee to prepare for it and also an online meet on Etherpad to get things straight and going.

This event was destined to be special and a proof for it was the introduction of “Parallel Booths” format for hands-on of Webmaker Tools. A format which is used in HIVE events.

So it started off with the felicitation of the Mozilla Nashik Community members. Felt important 😛

So anyways back to the topic, the event kicked off with an introductory session about Mozilla and the Mozilla Nashik Community. Then came the introduction to Open web and FOSS. Everyone found this session to be interesting as many new facts unfolded.


After this was the session about the Internet. Some interesting and unknown facts were introduced in this session. Then came WebMaker and its tools were introduced to the crowd.

After these common sessions, came the chance for participants to their hands on these Webmaker tools. As stated above, four Parallel Booths were set up; each booth consisting of one tool. Those participants interested on that tool went to that particular booth.

Another interesting thing to note here was that for the first time in history, X-ray goggles failed to gather crowd interest as a majority of participants went to either Popcorn Maker booth or the Appmaker booth.




  1. Mozilla Introduction
  2. Opensource Introduction
  3. Open Web Introduction
  4. Internet Introduction
  5. Webmaker Introduction ie about Thimble,Popcorn Maker.and X-ray goggles.
  6. Introducing the new Webmaker tool ie AppMaker

After successful hands-on session, the Maker Party concluded with the introduction of the FSA program and going by the response from the crowd, we believe we will be getting more new and active FSA’s in the coming days.

Speakers and organizers of the event:

Nashik Mozilla Community Facebook Group:

Mozilla India Facebook Group:

Mozillians Account


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