Maker Party @ MET BKC, Nashik

Date: 9th August, 2014

Event Link:!/events/4460

This was actually the second big Maker Party planned for the Nashik city. And also much hyped in recent days. For this we had an Etherpad set up and certain online meets were scheduled in order to get things going for the upcoming mega event.

So as the day came, we, the Mozillians from the Mozilla Nashik Community (yep, that makes one feel proud. :P), gathered at the venue.

The pre-show to the event saw the felicitation of Ankit and Diwanshi by the college management.

So the much awaited event kicked of with Ankit with the introduction of FOSS and Open Web. It is always exciting to hear from Ankit as he always has something new to offer.

With that the tables turned to Mayur and he explained what exactly if Mozilla and what we Mozillians do for it.

The it was vishal with Privacy and Security. It is kind of fun to scare people just to make them aware of the actual tracking.

Moving on we had Diwanshi with Webmaker intro and then all the 4 tools were explained to the lively audience by Kaustubh as well as Anand.

We had a small break after this session and during this it was TREAT TIME from Ankit. We had a surprise of our own for him by the way.

After this fun, we went to have even more fun with the hands-on session fir the crowd.

Just like we did in our previous Maker Party, we had the crowd split in four different section for the four different tools. It becomes much more easier for the crowd to learn everything this way.



It was now that the crowd started to realize the true power of open tools used in webmaking. We had some awesome makes which we got during this session.

After the hands-on session, came another surprise by Ankit. He introduced to game of Spectogram. Man that was some fun. Just gave the perfect event a perfect ending.

Speakers And Organizers :

  1. Ankit Gadgil
  2. Diwanshi Pandey
  3. Vishal Chavan
  4. Mayur Patil
  5. Aanand Pant
  6. Kaustubh Agnihotri
  7. Ronit Jadhav

Mozilla Nashik Community Facebook Group:

Mozilla India Facebook Group:

Mozillians Account


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