FirefoxOS Bus in India!

Why FirefoxOS Bus?

A Firefox OS themed bus will tour across India in target cities. FirefoxOS Bus shows the spirit of Mozilla, the awesomeness of Firefox. Spreading the goodness of Firefox OS. Firefox OS aims to bring the next 2 billion people online, providing first smartphone experience at a affordable price. With this we plan to reach to our users, reach where our community is. Through this trip we’ll share the story of Mozilla Firefox, maximize its reach & impact of Open Web.

It was a 20 day tour with approx 10 cities across India.


16/10/2014 Chennai – Vellore
17/10/2014 Kochi
18/10/2014 Kozhikode
19/10/2014 Bangalore
20/10/2014 Goa
21/10/2014 Pune – Mumbai
22/10/2014 Nashik
23/10/2014 Indore
25/10/2014 Jaipur
26/10/2014 Delhi
27/10/2014 Nagpur
28/10/2014 Hydrabad

I was the Regional Coordinators for the tour. I was very excited as Mozilla bus was going to visit my city (NASHIK CITY). All the mozillians in excitement started planing and working for this day. We had many online meets deciding for the venues and hot spots for the FirefoxOS bus to do the campaigning.

We had lots of Mozilla fans waiting for the bus and excited to meet the Foxy. So we choose a temple garden as a venue for the gathering.

1) Introduction of the TEAM MOBILIZERS CREW
*Vikas Reddy Burri
*Abid Aboobaker
*Sumantro Rijndael Mukherjee
*Dipesh Monga
*Akshay Tiwari
*Sreemegha Guha
*Mrinal Jain

2) Introduction of the COMMUNITY MEMBERS

3) Sharing of Tour experience by the TEAM MOBILIZERS CREW

4) Quiz games

5) COMMUNITY MEMBERS played Spectrogram with the MOBILIZERS CREW

6) Handson on the devices

7) Photoshoot with the AWEOSME FOXY!!

As the bus had visited our city during Diwali festival time. Awesome WOMOZ of Nashik had created some beautiful craft work #Mozcraft . Which were gifted to the TEAM MOBILIZERS CREW 😀 😀

I have very delighted and happy to meet all the crew members. Then we all awesome people went for a dinner party 🙂 🙂


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